Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Here are a few terms you need to know before partnering with us:

  • Payments are made on the first of every month, at least 30 days after the referred customer's trial account has been converted to a paid account. For example, if a customer you referred subscribes to a paid plan on January 3rd, you'll be paid on March 1st.
  • Payments will be made in the month the due commission is or above $50.
  • Self-referral is strictly prohibited. The aim of the program is to incentivize you to refer others. Please don’t consider this as a method of obtaining a discount on your Oliver account.
  • Running ads on "Oliver" brand terms on Google and Facebook or other similar advertisement channels is strictly prohibited. You are free to target generic keywords like AI writing, AI writing tools, AI content writing tools, AI writing assistants etc. If found running ads on brand keywords - this leads to a cancellation of your affiliate account.
  • Oliver reserves the right to change the terms of the affiliate program at any time.