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What are the latest trends in crypto?
Based on current trends, some of the latest developments in the crypto industry include:
1. Resurging and Expanding Use Cases for NFTs: Non-fungible tokens (NTFs) are experiencing a resurgence and expanding into new use cases. Crypto experts believe that NFTs will continue to evolve and find applications beyond digital art. [source]
2. DeFi Innovations: DeFi (Decentralized Finance) continues to be a major trend in the crypto space. Innovations in DeFi platforms, such as decentralized lending and borrowing, yield farming, and automated market making, are gaining popularity.[source]

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Explain how gravity works in a simple way.
Sure! Gravity is the force that pulls objects towards each other. Imagine you are on a playground slide. When you climb up the ladder and slide down, you feel the force pulling you down towards the ground. This force is gravity.
Gravity exists because objects with mass (like the Earth) attract other objects with mass. The bigger the mass, the stronger the gravitational pull. That's why you feel more weight on Earth than on the Moon.
Think of gravity like a magnet. Just as a magnet attracts metal objects, the Earth attracts everything towards its center. So, when you jump up, gravity pulls you back down.

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You can get help with your homework, from essays and compositions to math questions. You can get help with your homework, from essays and compositions to math questions.

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What do you think about the slogan "Stumble in Style" for our new shoe drop?
It implies chic confidence but may inadvertently hint at shoe discomfort and concern customers.
Can you help improve it?
1. "Stride with Style": Emphasizes confident and stylish walking.
2. "Elevate your Sole": A pun on 'soul'.

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